Wednesday, December 21, 2005


What would Johnny Damon Do?The big news coming from the Northeast today was of course....Johnny Damon going to the Yanks. Red Sox fans are going crazy pillaging the streets of Boston, maybe not. Would the 2004 Boston Red Sox please stand up? very few remain from that curse-ending Red Sox team, it seems as though the Red Sox are going all marlins and just cleaning out the house...Martinez, Miller, Renteria, Epstein and now Damon.

I am tired of this whole "Evil empire strikes again". Why? Because it was not the evil empire striking again, it was more like "Boston is filled with morons". I bet you miss Theo now, I mean you knew the Yankees were not going to offer more than a 4 year deal, and so you offer the same contract with less really think he is going to take the one with the less money, who cares if it is their rival from down thing we find it hard to beleive with a lot of professional athletes, the rivalry exist on the field, I do not care who is name is on the header of the contract I am just counting the zeros.

This is a great win for the Yankees because now good old Bernie Williams does not have to embarras himslef in CF, and you got a great lead-off man. But even worst is this for the SOX. Now big Pappi will no longer be big, he'll just be a good HR hitter, the only reason Ortiz and Manny had such huge RBI's is because they would drive in Damon and Renteria, and last I checked both are gone. Plus Damon was the face of Red Sox nation, I mean the long Jesus looking facial hair, and what about all those t-shirts saying "What would Johnny Damon Do?" All the red sox can hope for is for Manny to come back to the lineup and save whats left of their team, but do not be surprised if he does not I mean who would want to come back to such a weak lineup. What about getting a good lea-off man? forget it, Furcal will be the best one out there and he is already with LA, and as to Pierre he is with the Cubbies.

Kobe becomes a teammate?
Kobe Bryant put up 62 points in 3 quarters, and yes it could have been even better if he would have stayed for the 4th and dropped possibly 80. But the most important thing here is that Kobe Bryant finally showed that he is a teammate and team comes before self. Maybe he did it to be recognized for being a good teammate and thus caring about himself, but the fatc of the matter is that he did not and he let his team play out the game. He is still a ball-hogger for the other 81 games, but at least he si learning to play for a team.

I love Chad Johnson
You gotta love this guy. He said "On the highway, I hit a deer...I kept him. Hes at home in the garage. I'm going to use him for the celebration this weekend. He's a prop" This guy has had memorable celebrations all year long, and by far this upcoming one on Christmas eve is one I am looking forward too. This guy instead of being all serious about the game and what not, has delighted us sunday after sunday with memorable end-zone celeberations. And please NFL, do not fine chad for whatever he does, he is the only reason people watch the Bengals.

BTW, I'm 2-0 so far in college bowl predictions.....who called toledo, thats right

Sports guy out

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

College Football Bowl Picks

For some of us we won't realize that it is Bowl Season till January 2nd, but for the die hards fans it starts tonight...and thus the sports guys makes it picks

Tuesday December 20th, 2005
-New Orleans Bowl: Arkansa State vs. Mississippi State
I have seen Miss. State play and they can certainly put up points, plus Miss State will be playing for their people as they were affected by Katrina.
Pick: Mississippi State

Wednesday December 21st, 2005
-GMAC Bowl: UTEP vs Toledo
Mike Price has done a good job with the Miners, he had an excellent season last year and finished this year 8-3. Toledo has had some impresive wins this year, like BG, also MAC teams are 4-0 at GMAC bowl (MAC and GMAC bowl *wink* wink*)
Pick: Toledo

Thursday December 22nd, 2005
- Las Vegas Bowl: BYU vs. Cal
Cal has always dissapointed when it comes to bowls, but streaks end sometime
Pick: Cal

-Poinsettia Bowl: CSU vs. Navy
Navy can run, CSU can pass...this could probably be the worst game in the schedule and my pick comes down to a coin flip
Pick: Navy

Friday December 23rd, 2005
-Fort Worth Bowl: Kansas vs. Houston
How many times do I have to say it, Kansas is not dominant when it comes to football, the only reason they are bowl eligible is because they play in the weakest conference, Big 12 North.
Pick: Houston

Saturday December 24th, 2005
- Honolulu Bowl: Nevada vs. University of Central Florida
You trying to tell me to get hyped about a bowl game with the nice weather, and the beaches? It is going to be tough to get this kids ready to play, but UCF has a good coach and they turned around from an 0-11 season to an 8-4 season.
Pick: UCF

Monday December 26th, 2005
-Motor City Bowl: Akron vs. Memphis
Did you not see how dominat Akron was their last game of the season?
Pick: Akron

Tuesday December 27th, 2005
-Champs Sports Bowl: Colorado vs. Clemson
Colorado is distracted with whats going on in their school and their new iPods, it seems like the kids are just looking forward to playing for the new coach rather than the bowl. Plus it's Clemson those kids are tough, if you do not believe me ask South Carolina.
Pick: Clemson

-Insight Bowl: Rutgers vs. Arizona State
I am not even thinking about this game, I have been told how good ASU is by a friend of mine, and after seeing what Sam Keller did last year to Purdeu in last years bowls, I need no knowledge
Pick: ASU

Wednesday December 28th, 2005
-MPC Computers Bowl: Boise State vs. Boston College
Here is the problem with Boise State: they are not playing in their blue turf, and their coach is thinking Buffaloes not Broncos. Boston College is playing at their backyard.
Pick: Boston College

-Alamo Bowl: Michigan vs Nebraska
Again I try not to pick a Big XII north team to win a bowl. Chad Henne can make plays at the end of the game and lead his team, just as Joe Pappa. As a Notre Dame fan I can't believe I am saying this but GO BLUE
Pick: Michigan

Thursday December 29th, 2005
-Emerald Bowl: Utah vs. Georgia Tech
The Yellow Jackets got a nice QB in Ball and they got big wins to ride on this season against Auburn and the U.
Pick: Georgia Tech

-Holiday Bowl: Oklahoma vs. Oregon
I called the sooners being a dissapointment this season. And why is nobody giving any dap to the ducks, their only loss is to the #1 team. Oregon is pissed about missing out on the BCS and need to prove a point, and you never want to play a team with that attitude.
Pick: Oregon

Friday December 30th, 2005
-Music City Bowl: Virginia vs. Minnesota
I have been riding the gopher wagon all season long. I think Lawrence Maroney is really good RB
Pick: Minnesota

-Sun Bowl: Northwestern vs. UCLA
UCLA is not worht of being ranked , and Brett Basanez can throw the ball. This a matchup of big scoring offenses.
Pick: Northwestern

Independence Bowl: South Carolina vs. Missouri
Forget about this one. Steve Spurrier can coach and we have seen this
Pick: South Carolina

-Peach Bowl: Miami vs LSU
Miami has gone on to impress me week after week since their loss to FSU and that loss to GT. I can write a book just naming the stars this team has (Moss, Olsen, Wright) Ohh yeah and they got
still got that guy under the headphones. Miami owns the Peach Bowl
Pick: Miami, you might also know them as THE U

Saturday December 31st, 2005
-Meineke Car Care Bowl: NCST vs. South Florida
New bowl, teams I have not really watched this year. I am just taking a blind shot here
Pick: North Carolina State

-Liberty Bowl: Fresno State vs. Tulsa
The dawgs will have forgotten about Reggie Bush by this game and they return to playing what they know
Pick: Fresno State

-Houston Bowl: Iowa State vs TCU
I had Iowa State winning the Big XII north, well for the second year in a row they blow it in Overtime. Plus, this new TCU team only has one loss this season.
Pick: TCU

M0nday December 2nd, 2006
-Cotton Bowl: Alabama vs. Texas Tech
Pick: Alabama

-Outback Bowl: Florida vs Iowa
Florida was a failure this season they loss to that guy from South Carolina, and that will forever remain in Meyer's head. Tate! Tate! Teate!
Pick: Iowa

-Gator Bowl: VA Tech vs. Louisville
It is good offense vs. good defense, and I always pick defense before offense
Pick: Viginia Tech

-Capital One Bowl: Auburn vs. Wisconsin
You think I am going to pick Auburn to win anything? Plus it is Alvarez last game in Badger colors.
Pick: Auburn

-Fiesta Bowl: Notre Dame vs. Ohio State
Everyone is talking how AJ Hawk (Ohio State LB) is dating Brady Quinn (ND QB ) sisters. But we are missing the mian point Charlie Weiss, he is going to pick the Buckeyes apart.
Pick: Notre Dame

-Sugar Bowl: Georgia vs. West Virginia
Where did west Virginia come from? I am playing it safe and picking the team I know
Pick: Georgia

Tuesday January 3rd, 2006
-Orange Bowl: Florida State vs Penn State
This is a great match up putting up the best two coahces in history, or at least the two winniest coaches. It is going to be great cause you know the coaches will know the other team by heart. FSU gets into this game as a surprise, I think Penn State is the better team
Pick: Penn State

Wednesday January 4th, 2005
-Rose Bowl: USC vs. Texas
By now you probably now everything about this team and the big play makers, stuff is you need to know is that Carrol can pick any team apart when you give them tape and a few weeks. But no way I am going to pick USC even if they were a 70 point favorite
Pick: Texas

Finally, all picks have been made and just in time, less than a minute before the kcikoff....let the games begin

Sports guy out

Monday, December 12, 2005

Good night and good luck....Gundy

So this morning they were all talking about Stan Van Gundy leaving the Heat and Pat Riley taking over as Head Coach, surpise? Not really, I mean everyone who had been following the Heats since their meltdown with 3 minutes left in the conference finals last year is not surprised. What was more surprising was the reason why Stan decided to step down, let's make something clear, Stan Van Gundy was not fired, he resigned.

Let's look back as to why it is fishy this resgination:

If we look back to July Pat Riley made a comment that sparked some fire between the coorporate guys and his protege Van Gundy, Pat Riley said that he wanted to be more hands-on president and missed coaching, which was interpreted as I am going to make some decision beyond those as a president. now why would Pat Riley want to coach the team that let him down his last season as a coach? The answer: #32 (that's Shaq for all of you who do not know). First of all lets look at the past and why Riley was such a succesful coach, his plan in LA was to dump it to the big guy in Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and let him score, in NYC it was Patrick Ewing who played the role of the big guy, the in South Beach during the late 90's it was Mourning, and now he sees the possibility once again to become inmortal by feeding the Diesel.....yes I said, Pat Riley does not really coach teams into being contenders but rather would take any bid from a team with a big guy ad if things do not go their way then he'll just resign. Proof of this: he resigned after Ewing struggled and missed a finger roll in the 95 Eastern Finals, and then stepped down from the Heat when Alonzo Mourning got sick and failed to deliver. Pat Riley is an opportunist.

So does Van Gundy truly miss his family, probably since he has always been a family first man, but after 20 seasons of coaching you realize that going on the road is not your deal. Nobody in the right mind changes professions 20 years into it.

How about Riley bringin in tough-to-coach Atoine Walker and Jason Williams at the beginning of the season, maybe Riley knew that Gundy was struggling and missing home and just made it more difficult for him by putting obstacles....oh yeah and let's not forget Riley saw the briefcase filled with money all he needed to do is open it up

Sports guy out

Sunday, December 11, 2005

World Cup Analysis

I gotta open up my blog by opening a bottle of champagne and talking about my favorite sport, soccer, and probably the thing on every soccer fan's mouth is next year's World Cup in Germany. If you have never seen this event, it is truly worth watching plus the matches will be during the summer between 9am-1pm so it is a convenient time for everyone to watch (Unlike 2002 one held in Korea/Japan where most games were between midnight and 6am, and yes I stayed up and watched every mnute of it)

After some hundred and some teams played tons of matches, 32 came out on top and qualified for the finals next year. This past Friday the 32 teams were placed in a pot and split into 8 teams, where only the to two in each time will move on to the knock out stages.

I could list all teams and the groups, but it has been 4 days already so I assume you have memorized them by now....just in case here is the link

I'll just give you a run down of the important stuff you need to know:

Who is going to win:
Well if you are going to put money on it you probably want to go with Brazil. They probably look like the best team on paper, they finally have a solid goalkeeper in Dida who has showed some skill playing for AC Milan. Their midfield is stacked with solid players in Rhonaldinho (Just named best player of the year) and Kaka who can really cause danger on the outside, alos watch out for a kid named Junhinho Pernambucano (currently plays for Olympic Lyon) even though he won't start he is really good coming off the bench. Up front is never a question for Brazil, Robinho, even though he is not experiencd the kid can play and has a bright future ahead, he'll cause danger with some good feeds from the middies. Finally
the big question is in their D, can Parreira (coach) depend on a very aging Cafu/Roberto Carlos leadership or do you go with the young Luisao/ze Roberto combination?

So I just gave you plenty of reasons why Brazil is good, but yet they are not pick to in it all...why? last time they looked this good and were such a favorite was in '98, and they got ridiculed by France in the France.

My pick is going to be Italy, they have a very good team from their GK in Buffon, through their D in Nesta/Zaccardo/Cannavaro, into the best free kick kicker in Gatusso finishing with a deadly forward combination in Totti/Toni and look for Gilardino coming of the bench. This bunch is led by a coach who knows about wining in Marcello put on your puma shows, your blue puma track jacket and all you have to say is Forza Azzurri

Toughest group:
Evey year there is a group that stands out as the toughest one t be in, this WC it is two. First we start with group C, obviously the favorites to come out of the group are Argentina and Netherlands, well not so fast. First question is can Argentina put their porblems aside and focus on the job at hand? Last time the Netherlands played in a WC they made it to the semis, but that was about 8 years ago, they struggled and missed the WC and 2002 and now make this WC, it is uncertain what will see. Then who is Serbia and Montenegro? Formerly known as Yugoslavia, this team played very well last time in '98, until being knocked out by ......oh yes Netherlands. And finally Cote D' Ivory, unless you have been watching U-17/U-21 World Cup the past few years you cannot even name a player on this quad. The fact is that Cote D' Ivory has been a dominant team, going far into the tournament for the past few years and it is no surprise to see this team playing at this level, so watch out for the African teams. The other tough group being considered is group E. seriously I think USA is overrated and will not get past teh group stages, Ghana is like Cote D' Ivory so they could surprise...but I truly think both Italy and Czech Republic will cruise through and by the time they meet on the last matchday of the group both will be qualified and be resting their stars for the kncout stage, the god thing to watch for this match is who gets second in the group, why? because there is a very good chance they will face the winner of group F (probably Brazil)

Biggest Choke:
I think Argentina will be the dissapointment for two WC in a row, not only are they in a tough group they also have a lot of internal problem. They have problems between the coach, Pekerman, and the media, as soon as the team is not performing they media gets critical. Their Keeper, Pato, makes some stupid mistakes when playing for his club team in Boca. Up front you have El Apache Tevez and Riquelme that are very individual players and do not play as a team. And Walter Samuel is probably the worst defender I have ever seen he just makes stupid fouls and when he goes up to attack he is slow coming back. It is sad to say this because I really like this team but I think this team is going to dissappoint a whole nation for the second WC in a row

Surprise team:
The surprise team this year is going to be Australia and that is because of the master mind they have at the coaching position which is Guus Hiddink. Thsi guy has the ability to make teams from pretenders into contenders. Such is the case with South Korea who he lead in 2002 to the semis, similar with the Netherlands in 1998....So make sure you have Australia winning a few.

Finally I'd like to say that this is just a bunch of crap that came out of my head....truly it does not matter...why?...well lets look at the past WC in 2002 where so many of the favorites were left out in the firtst truly this is an unpredictable tournamnet that will bring the best in some teams and the worst in others

Sport's guy out

Soon to come: my take on the BCS, College Bball, MLB/Cubbies, ohh yeah and why Venezuela is going to win the Baseball Classic


So I decided to create this blog now that I got a little free time on my hands, hopefully I'll still be able to continue when I start school again in January and don't get too busy studying.

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