Sunday, May 28, 2006

Group A

Here is how the world cup works on the group stage.....8 groups with 4 teams in each group, all 4 teams play each 2 teams qualify.

Costa Rica

GERMANY: Germany should come out on top of this group with thie eyes closed. They are a team who are used to abusing on teams. They smoked Saudi Arabia back in the 2002 World Cup 8-0 and the beat the crap out of Luxemburg yesterday 7-0. Although they have some troubles with their coach not spending much time in Germany, they shouldn;t have any problems in the group stage. They hold two strong goalkeepers, Jans Lehamn (Arsenal FC) and der Kaiser Oliver Kahn (Bayern Munich). Defense has always been Germany's best part of the game. Ballack (Chelesea FC) and Podolski should provide enough passing and stability in the midfield to give good passes to Miroslav Klose, one of the top forwards in Europe. Germany will smoke it's group but struggle to get wins later in the knock-out stage.

COSTA RICA: Here is a team that has good players in Gomez and Wuanchope but I do not think their playing ability and skil are up to beat either Ecuador or Poland. They do have a Brazilian coach, Guimaraes, that was brought in halfway through their qualfying rounds that seriously turned the team around. Lately the team has not had a good showing. They struggled to beat 2-0 to a team of rookies, lost to a evenly matched Iran 3:1 back in March, and was outscored 4:0 agaisnt Ukraine yesterday. They finsih their preliminary campaign agaisnt the Czechs on tuesday. They could enter the world cup winless in their prelims and having to face Germany. Not a good start for Costa Rica and I do not think they can rebound from it.

ECUADOR: The thing that favors Ecuador is the altitude when they play at home in Quito. During qualifying in South America they had 1 win, 2 ties and 5 losses on the road, while being undefeated at home. I also believe that the loss of their former coach, "El Bolillo" Gomez was a huge loss. Overall, Ecuador schedule in the group is as follow: opening against Poland, Costa Rica, and clos with Germany. This order could turn out to be favorable to them, considering they tie or lose against Poland and beat Costa Rica, by the time they close the group against Germany, Germany would already be qualified and be resting a lot of their players making it easy for Ecuador to win. Still I do not see this hapening.

POLAND: Poland is coming to this world cup with a huge omission. Coach Pawel Janas decided not to bring along GK Dudek (Liverpool), I think the best GK Poland has out there, plus he plays in the English Premier League. Overall, it is still a stable team. They had a rather uneverntful qualifying round winning most of their games except the two against England that came to a 2:1 loss both times. In the prelim friendly games, they have yet to play anyone important. The reason I think Poland will adavnce is because balance and skill the two other pretenders in this group lack. Still I do not see them as a threat in the knock-out round

From Group A I think Germany and Poland adavnce as number 1 and 2 respectively



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