Wednesday, December 21, 2005


What would Johnny Damon Do?The big news coming from the Northeast today was of course....Johnny Damon going to the Yanks. Red Sox fans are going crazy pillaging the streets of Boston, maybe not. Would the 2004 Boston Red Sox please stand up? very few remain from that curse-ending Red Sox team, it seems as though the Red Sox are going all marlins and just cleaning out the house...Martinez, Miller, Renteria, Epstein and now Damon.

I am tired of this whole "Evil empire strikes again". Why? Because it was not the evil empire striking again, it was more like "Boston is filled with morons". I bet you miss Theo now, I mean you knew the Yankees were not going to offer more than a 4 year deal, and so you offer the same contract with less really think he is going to take the one with the less money, who cares if it is their rival from down thing we find it hard to beleive with a lot of professional athletes, the rivalry exist on the field, I do not care who is name is on the header of the contract I am just counting the zeros.

This is a great win for the Yankees because now good old Bernie Williams does not have to embarras himslef in CF, and you got a great lead-off man. But even worst is this for the SOX. Now big Pappi will no longer be big, he'll just be a good HR hitter, the only reason Ortiz and Manny had such huge RBI's is because they would drive in Damon and Renteria, and last I checked both are gone. Plus Damon was the face of Red Sox nation, I mean the long Jesus looking facial hair, and what about all those t-shirts saying "What would Johnny Damon Do?" All the red sox can hope for is for Manny to come back to the lineup and save whats left of their team, but do not be surprised if he does not I mean who would want to come back to such a weak lineup. What about getting a good lea-off man? forget it, Furcal will be the best one out there and he is already with LA, and as to Pierre he is with the Cubbies.

Kobe becomes a teammate?
Kobe Bryant put up 62 points in 3 quarters, and yes it could have been even better if he would have stayed for the 4th and dropped possibly 80. But the most important thing here is that Kobe Bryant finally showed that he is a teammate and team comes before self. Maybe he did it to be recognized for being a good teammate and thus caring about himself, but the fatc of the matter is that he did not and he let his team play out the game. He is still a ball-hogger for the other 81 games, but at least he si learning to play for a team.

I love Chad Johnson
You gotta love this guy. He said "On the highway, I hit a deer...I kept him. Hes at home in the garage. I'm going to use him for the celebration this weekend. He's a prop" This guy has had memorable celebrations all year long, and by far this upcoming one on Christmas eve is one I am looking forward too. This guy instead of being all serious about the game and what not, has delighted us sunday after sunday with memorable end-zone celeberations. And please NFL, do not fine chad for whatever he does, he is the only reason people watch the Bengals.

BTW, I'm 2-0 so far in college bowl predictions.....who called toledo, thats right

Sports guy out


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