Friday, September 15, 2006

Week 3--Separation Saturday

Ok so far im 8-2...not bad
Great football weekend this is goin to be, so we got a magnificent 7 lineup and the bama game

LSU @ Auburn
This is goin to be a really really really good game, worth watching. LSU wins in a close close close game

Michigan @ ND
Fightin Irish all the way in a close one Michigan is good, and Lloyd Carr might want to start faxing that resume to other schools

Nebraska @ USC
I picked Arkansa to try to upset USC and failed...I think I learned my lesson, USC at home

Florida @ Tennesse
I have to pick the lesser of two evil. Florida wins becasue i hate TN more

Miami @ Louisville
I was dissapointed with Miami performance two weeks ago. the game is at Louisville....Cardinals and Coker might join Lloyd Carr

OU @ Oregon
The ducks are at home, and OU rookie QB will be in a hostile loud environmnet.....Oregon wins

TTech @ TCU
I know this is probably my wild pick of the week, but I just really like TCU and they r at home. Somethin about them, TCU wins

LA-Monroe @ Bama
This game , hopefully, will be done by halftime and well be able to go back home and watch the TN-FL game...Bama in a joker


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