Monday, December 12, 2005

Good night and good luck....Gundy

So this morning they were all talking about Stan Van Gundy leaving the Heat and Pat Riley taking over as Head Coach, surpise? Not really, I mean everyone who had been following the Heats since their meltdown with 3 minutes left in the conference finals last year is not surprised. What was more surprising was the reason why Stan decided to step down, let's make something clear, Stan Van Gundy was not fired, he resigned.

Let's look back as to why it is fishy this resgination:

If we look back to July Pat Riley made a comment that sparked some fire between the coorporate guys and his protege Van Gundy, Pat Riley said that he wanted to be more hands-on president and missed coaching, which was interpreted as I am going to make some decision beyond those as a president. now why would Pat Riley want to coach the team that let him down his last season as a coach? The answer: #32 (that's Shaq for all of you who do not know). First of all lets look at the past and why Riley was such a succesful coach, his plan in LA was to dump it to the big guy in Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and let him score, in NYC it was Patrick Ewing who played the role of the big guy, the in South Beach during the late 90's it was Mourning, and now he sees the possibility once again to become inmortal by feeding the Diesel.....yes I said, Pat Riley does not really coach teams into being contenders but rather would take any bid from a team with a big guy ad if things do not go their way then he'll just resign. Proof of this: he resigned after Ewing struggled and missed a finger roll in the 95 Eastern Finals, and then stepped down from the Heat when Alonzo Mourning got sick and failed to deliver. Pat Riley is an opportunist.

So does Van Gundy truly miss his family, probably since he has always been a family first man, but after 20 seasons of coaching you realize that going on the road is not your deal. Nobody in the right mind changes professions 20 years into it.

How about Riley bringin in tough-to-coach Atoine Walker and Jason Williams at the beginning of the season, maybe Riley knew that Gundy was struggling and missing home and just made it more difficult for him by putting obstacles....oh yeah and let's not forget Riley saw the briefcase filled with money all he needed to do is open it up

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