Thursday, August 31, 2006

College Football Week 1

I just want to throw some random predictions about the season ahead and make my predictions for week 1

* South Carolina will be good enough to win the SEC East, but their schedule husrt them at the end. They gotta play Florida and Clemson on the road and get Auburn, Georiga and TN at home. I think the schedule is brutal. At florida will be a great homecoming for Spurrier, I just hope them gator fans have some class and cheer their hearts out when Spurrier comes out, because if it wasn't for him Florida wouldn;t be what they are. I think Clemson looks good enough to win at home. SC should handle both Georgia and TN but I am not sure Auburn can be beat. It's all a matter of how beat up Auburn comes in from the previous seasons

* Both USC and Texas will not finish in the top 5. I am tired of hearing, "Texas only lost Vince Young" Well guess what, if it wasn't for VY they would have lost to Ohio St, OK St and USC. They'll loose to Ohio St, and Nebraska and T Tech will be losses, why? Because UT will play them back to back both on the road. And USC, well we all know how much I hate USC

* Alabama......well I'll be at every single one of their home games. I think they can go into the Auburn game 9-2 with losses to LSU and Florida on the road. It'll be tough, let me say it again, really tough....But always ROLL TIDE!!!

*SEC is the equivalent of HELL IN A CELL (come on, a WWF reference). It is like this, whoever comes out of it as the champion, will come out will partial concussion, internal bleedin, torn muscles. I really doubt anyone can come out of it with less than 2 losses. Although (and I know I am gonna hate myself for sayin this), TN might have the easiest schedule....all their tough games are at home (Cal, FL, Bama, and LSU) and they don;t play Auburn, so watch out for smokey and rocky top

*I have been believin in Brady Quinn since he took over like 3 years ago from and Carlyle Halliday (I think thats the spelling, but he was the former QB) moved to WR. I also remember that same year Darius Walker (#3 for the NCAA 07 fans) came in and has been making the runs. Believe in ND to make it to a BCS bowl, undefeated? I donno, they always seem to loose to MSU no matter how bad they are, and Michigan can be a huge roadblock.

*TCU will get a BCS bowl bid...I am not sure how its gonna happen, but they looked damm good last year in their new conference, and they don;t play anyone tought besides TTech. Can they go undefeated? Yes. Will they get a spot in the National Championship even if they go undefeated? No, schedule is the answer. Anyone remember Utah 2 years ago?

Some predictions for week 1:

*South Carolina vs Miss State
Prediction: The ol' ball coach all the way, South Carolina

*Tennessee vs Cal
Prediction: I'm split on this one my heart is telling me to always go against TN, but my brain is tellin me TN has something up their sleeve......I pick TN, in a close one......( i know I am goin to hell by making this pick)

*Alabama vs. Hawaii
Prediction: I'll do all Alabama games anyway....I pick the tide, to ROLL and ROLL and ROLL over the warriors

*USC at Arkansa
Prediction: UPSET ALERT!!! The razorback visited sunny cal last year and left with a bitter taste in their mouth (somethin like a 70-17 loss) Be prepared to see the razorback come out smoking out of the gates....and USC will just hand the ball to Bush and Leinart to win....ohh wait, yes yes they r not there anymore. I pick Arkansa in a sweet one

*ND at GA Tech
Prediction: Are you serious? Why is anyone givin that much care to this game, Irish hands down.

*FSU at Miami
Prediction: I am guessing FSU come with in a field goal of winning the game.....aww too soon

Until Monday we'll see how I did....

~Sports guy out