Tuesday, December 20, 2005

College Football Bowl Picks

For some of us we won't realize that it is Bowl Season till January 2nd, but for the die hards fans it starts tonight...and thus the sports guys makes it picks

Tuesday December 20th, 2005
-New Orleans Bowl: Arkansa State vs. Mississippi State
I have seen Miss. State play and they can certainly put up points, plus Miss State will be playing for their people as they were affected by Katrina.
Pick: Mississippi State

Wednesday December 21st, 2005
-GMAC Bowl: UTEP vs Toledo
Mike Price has done a good job with the Miners, he had an excellent season last year and finished this year 8-3. Toledo has had some impresive wins this year, like BG, also MAC teams are 4-0 at GMAC bowl (MAC and GMAC bowl *wink* wink*)
Pick: Toledo

Thursday December 22nd, 2005
- Las Vegas Bowl: BYU vs. Cal
Cal has always dissapointed when it comes to bowls, but streaks end sometime
Pick: Cal

-Poinsettia Bowl: CSU vs. Navy
Navy can run, CSU can pass...this could probably be the worst game in the schedule and my pick comes down to a coin flip
Pick: Navy

Friday December 23rd, 2005
-Fort Worth Bowl: Kansas vs. Houston
How many times do I have to say it, Kansas is not dominant when it comes to football, the only reason they are bowl eligible is because they play in the weakest conference, Big 12 North.
Pick: Houston

Saturday December 24th, 2005
- Honolulu Bowl: Nevada vs. University of Central Florida
You trying to tell me to get hyped about a bowl game with the nice weather, and the beaches? It is going to be tough to get this kids ready to play, but UCF has a good coach and they turned around from an 0-11 season to an 8-4 season.
Pick: UCF

Monday December 26th, 2005
-Motor City Bowl: Akron vs. Memphis
Did you not see how dominat Akron was their last game of the season?
Pick: Akron

Tuesday December 27th, 2005
-Champs Sports Bowl: Colorado vs. Clemson
Colorado is distracted with whats going on in their school and their new iPods, it seems like the kids are just looking forward to playing for the new coach rather than the bowl. Plus it's Clemson those kids are tough, if you do not believe me ask South Carolina.
Pick: Clemson

-Insight Bowl: Rutgers vs. Arizona State
I am not even thinking about this game, I have been told how good ASU is by a friend of mine, and after seeing what Sam Keller did last year to Purdeu in last years bowls, I need no knowledge
Pick: ASU

Wednesday December 28th, 2005
-MPC Computers Bowl: Boise State vs. Boston College
Here is the problem with Boise State: they are not playing in their blue turf, and their coach is thinking Buffaloes not Broncos. Boston College is playing at their backyard.
Pick: Boston College

-Alamo Bowl: Michigan vs Nebraska
Again I try not to pick a Big XII north team to win a bowl. Chad Henne can make plays at the end of the game and lead his team, just as Joe Pappa. As a Notre Dame fan I can't believe I am saying this but GO BLUE
Pick: Michigan

Thursday December 29th, 2005
-Emerald Bowl: Utah vs. Georgia Tech
The Yellow Jackets got a nice QB in Ball and they got big wins to ride on this season against Auburn and the U.
Pick: Georgia Tech

-Holiday Bowl: Oklahoma vs. Oregon
I called the sooners being a dissapointment this season. And why is nobody giving any dap to the ducks, their only loss is to the #1 team. Oregon is pissed about missing out on the BCS and need to prove a point, and you never want to play a team with that attitude.
Pick: Oregon

Friday December 30th, 2005
-Music City Bowl: Virginia vs. Minnesota
I have been riding the gopher wagon all season long. I think Lawrence Maroney is really good RB
Pick: Minnesota

-Sun Bowl: Northwestern vs. UCLA
UCLA is not worht of being ranked , and Brett Basanez can throw the ball. This a matchup of big scoring offenses.
Pick: Northwestern

Independence Bowl: South Carolina vs. Missouri
Forget about this one. Steve Spurrier can coach and we have seen this
Pick: South Carolina

-Peach Bowl: Miami vs LSU
Miami has gone on to impress me week after week since their loss to FSU and that loss to GT. I can write a book just naming the stars this team has (Moss, Olsen, Wright) Ohh yeah and they got
still got that guy under the headphones. Miami owns the Peach Bowl
Pick: Miami, you might also know them as THE U

Saturday December 31st, 2005
-Meineke Car Care Bowl: NCST vs. South Florida
New bowl, teams I have not really watched this year. I am just taking a blind shot here
Pick: North Carolina State

-Liberty Bowl: Fresno State vs. Tulsa
The dawgs will have forgotten about Reggie Bush by this game and they return to playing what they know
Pick: Fresno State

-Houston Bowl: Iowa State vs TCU
I had Iowa State winning the Big XII north, well for the second year in a row they blow it in Overtime. Plus, this new TCU team only has one loss this season.
Pick: TCU

M0nday December 2nd, 2006
-Cotton Bowl: Alabama vs. Texas Tech
Pick: Alabama

-Outback Bowl: Florida vs Iowa
Florida was a failure this season they loss to that guy from South Carolina, and that will forever remain in Meyer's head. Tate! Tate! Teate!
Pick: Iowa

-Gator Bowl: VA Tech vs. Louisville
It is good offense vs. good defense, and I always pick defense before offense
Pick: Viginia Tech

-Capital One Bowl: Auburn vs. Wisconsin
You think I am going to pick Auburn to win anything? Plus it is Alvarez last game in Badger colors.
Pick: Auburn

-Fiesta Bowl: Notre Dame vs. Ohio State
Everyone is talking how AJ Hawk (Ohio State LB) is dating Brady Quinn (ND QB ) sisters. But we are missing the mian point Charlie Weiss, he is going to pick the Buckeyes apart.
Pick: Notre Dame

-Sugar Bowl: Georgia vs. West Virginia
Where did west Virginia come from? I am playing it safe and picking the team I know
Pick: Georgia

Tuesday January 3rd, 2006
-Orange Bowl: Florida State vs Penn State
This is a great match up putting up the best two coahces in history, or at least the two winniest coaches. It is going to be great cause you know the coaches will know the other team by heart. FSU gets into this game as a surprise, I think Penn State is the better team
Pick: Penn State

Wednesday January 4th, 2005
-Rose Bowl: USC vs. Texas
By now you probably now everything about this team and the big play makers, stuff is you need to know is that Carrol can pick any team apart when you give them tape and a few weeks. But no way I am going to pick USC even if they were a 70 point favorite
Pick: Texas

Finally, all picks have been made and just in time, less than a minute before the kcikoff....let the games begin

Sports guy out


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